CEM Champion Application

CEM seeks to fulfill the Great Commission by booking artists and speakers to suit up and establish the Kingdom of Heaven with their gifts in efforts that someone may be saved! To become a CEM Champion, please review the tips below! Blessings - Team CEM

CEM Champion Submission Process:

1. Complete the Application

Please fill out the form below and feel welcome to attach your résumé, if you have relevant professional experience.

2. Share Your Statement of Faith

At CEM, we care about the whole person. Your religion doesn’t matter – your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ does. We’d love to learn more about you, please share your story with us!

3. Let’s Meet!

Over coffee or the web, it is our goal to forge healthy relationships with our Champions to ensure they have the best possible support to become successful and quality extensions of CEM.

4. Set You Loose!

After you have been selected, CEM will immediately begin booking you for CEM Original Events as well as other events in the Chicagoland area and abroad!

Please note that our selection process is ongoing and submission does not automatically qualify anyone for selection. Best wishes and blessings – Team CEM

How did you hear about CEM?

Statement of Faith

What is your gift?
Speaker - MotivationalSpeaker - SpiritualSpeaker - YouthMusical ArtistPoetDJPraise DancerMusician - Keyboard / OrganMusician - DrumsMusician - BassMusician - Wind Instrument

Do you have a website?

If you have relevant professional work experience, please submit your résumé.

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I understand and accept CEM's Unsolicited Materials Policy.